October 24, 2009

The New Blog

So hopefully this blog will go better then my last. I made a blog on wordpress and after about i week i just stopped posting.. oops. so anyways, today is my baby Peyton's 1/2 birthday. i CANNOT believe that she is 6 months already. I was going through stuff today for our yard sale that we are having soon and i pulled out some newborn socks and sleepers and whatnot and i swear i shed a few tears. Although i am glad we are out of the NEW newborn stage i dont miss the teeny tiny clothes. Im hoping with the money that i make with the yard sale we can get Peyton some new clothes since her chunky butt is already growing out of 6 month clothes and she just turned 6 months TODAY!!!

I cant believe that Halloween is only a week away. Peyton is going to be a little Ladybug. I cant wait to see her in her costume. My girlfriend Tia and her baby Eve are coming over and we are going to pass out candy since both of our men have to work that night... Boo to that one!

Last Sunday we went to the SC State Fair and i was very disappointed. No one here knows what a freaking cheesecurd is! its cheese dipped in batter and deepfried!! its the most delicious fair food EVER! These are the things that make me miss Minnesota where i was born and raised!!! i guess thats what happens when youre with a military man, you make sacrafices... like NO CHEESECURDS!! lol

well time to watch a movie with my man. tonight its: Ghosts of Girlfriends Past