December 6, 2009

Wow its been awhile

So i knew this would happen... i woud start a blog then slowly post less and less till i havent posted in over 2 weeks!!!

So yes i need to let everyone know how we are! Peyton decided to start sleeping through the night 4 nights ago... which would be awesome for me if i wasnt waking up 3-4 times a night because im sick... but when i get better, i will be soooo thankful for it. Last Tuesday we took Peyton to get her picture taken with Santa. Thankfully she didnt cry but she wouldnt stop staring at Santa wondering who the heck he was! so the picture we got is one of her and Santa staring at eachother, which is very cute lol.

Christmas is coming.... we havent bought ANY presents yet... but we are waiting until Brian gets time off to go shopping with me so that we can get a babysitter for Peyton and go buy her presents together which should be fun for us! THis year we cant really go overboard because we arent able to financially but i know that just being together and sharing time with eachother and some good friends we will have a great Christmas!!!

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!