December 6, 2009

Wow its been awhile

So i knew this would happen... i woud start a blog then slowly post less and less till i havent posted in over 2 weeks!!!

So yes i need to let everyone know how we are! Peyton decided to start sleeping through the night 4 nights ago... which would be awesome for me if i wasnt waking up 3-4 times a night because im sick... but when i get better, i will be soooo thankful for it. Last Tuesday we took Peyton to get her picture taken with Santa. Thankfully she didnt cry but she wouldnt stop staring at Santa wondering who the heck he was! so the picture we got is one of her and Santa staring at eachother, which is very cute lol.

Christmas is coming.... we havent bought ANY presents yet... but we are waiting until Brian gets time off to go shopping with me so that we can get a babysitter for Peyton and go buy her presents together which should be fun for us! THis year we cant really go overboard because we arent able to financially but i know that just being together and sharing time with eachother and some good friends we will have a great Christmas!!!

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

November 17, 2009

Terrible Tuesday

Ok so not completely terrible. Peyton slept from 7:30 pm till 6:30 am which is awesome but waking up at 6:30 to me is not awesome. Plus she has a runny nose, so she wouldnt go back to sleep so i booger sucked her nose but then she was so mad that she didnt want to go back to sleep, so we watched cartoons for a bit. I think her second tooth is going to pop through anyday now... hopefully soon so she can stop feeling yucky. I feel bad for my little bugger!

November 12, 2009

So bored

Ugh i hate when Brian has overnight duty... he comes home and sleeps all day and i feel like i have to creep around the house. Plus he is so grumpy when he gets home, and i especially hate when he falls asleep on the couch and starts snoring... Snoring bugs me, even if im not trying to sleep the sound is just annoying.

Im so tired of seeing clouds. It has been cloudy and raining since Tuesday and its been cold and windy. Im just ready for some sun. Although i think Saturday and Sunday should be nice. its supposed to be sunny and 70's on Sunday! yay!!! Peyton and i were supposed to run to Goodwill yesterday to drop off our donations from the yard sale but then Brian came home and we wanted to see him befor he was gone for the night. I thought about going today but i jsut dont feel like doing anything at all... hmmmm... Peyton is down for her morning nap, maybe i will join in the sleep fest too!!!

November 9, 2009

Boring Monday....

So not much going on today, just hanging around the house. Peyton is down for an afternoon nap and i really should be cleaning my messy house but right now i just feel like being lazy and relaxing. This week probably wont be an exciting one. Tomorrow we have to run to Goodwill to drop off the things we didnt sell at the yard sale. Im very excited to get all of the stuff out of the garage and get it organized!!! Wednesday we will be off to church to hangout with the other ladies for a few hours. Other then that we dont have anything planned this week =(

a "throwback" to april 09 =( she was so tiny

November 8, 2009

Money Makers!!

Yesterday we had a yard sale at our house, in about 2 hours we made almost 200 dollars. I was very excited and i wasnt expecting that much at all so i was very happy. Although we still have a lot left over so we will be making a trip to the goodwill tomorrow to drop off our stuff. Yesterday afternoon we decided to take the sale money and buy Peyton some new clothes since she keeps growing out of everything. We went to Kohls and to Target and definately got some good deals and some cute stuff. Then Brian got to come home early so we were very happy to see him, excepy he was so tired that he fell asleep on the couch. Peyton actually went to sleep at a decent time last night at 7:30 instead of 9:30 like the previous night!!!!

Today should be a nice day, we are off to church at 9am for a members meeting and then service at 10am, Peyton gets to hangout in the nursery with the other babies and play. Then tonight we are off to life group for dinner and hangout with our friends from church! So heres to a good day! God Bless!

November 4, 2009

sweet success

so for the past few days when i try to rock Peyton to sleep she just isnt having it. She gets all squirmy, kicks, and tries to look around. So i just started laying her in her crib and off to sleep she goes. im so proud.