November 12, 2009

So bored

Ugh i hate when Brian has overnight duty... he comes home and sleeps all day and i feel like i have to creep around the house. Plus he is so grumpy when he gets home, and i especially hate when he falls asleep on the couch and starts snoring... Snoring bugs me, even if im not trying to sleep the sound is just annoying.

Im so tired of seeing clouds. It has been cloudy and raining since Tuesday and its been cold and windy. Im just ready for some sun. Although i think Saturday and Sunday should be nice. its supposed to be sunny and 70's on Sunday! yay!!! Peyton and i were supposed to run to Goodwill yesterday to drop off our donations from the yard sale but then Brian came home and we wanted to see him befor he was gone for the night. I thought about going today but i jsut dont feel like doing anything at all... hmmmm... Peyton is down for her morning nap, maybe i will join in the sleep fest too!!!