October 26, 2009

I hate you early mornings...

Ugh i CANNOT stand getting out of bed before it is even light outside!!!

On a good note, Peyton slept from 7-4 last night... But my stupid ass didnt go to bed till 11pm so instead of the good 6-7 hours i could have gotten i only got 5 hours of sleep. Then only another 2 hours because Brian got up to get ready for work, which is fine only he sucks at being quiet and ended up waking Peyton up and then she didnt want to go back to sleep. SO we layed in bed for an hour watching cartoons so mommy could wake up a bit. I think the harder Brian tries to be quiet the more noise he actually makes!!!

So now Peyton is playing happily in her jumper and im debating on being lazy and going back to sleep during her nap. I have one load of laundry to do, but the rest of the house is clean so i think i can be lazy for a couple hours. Besides who's gonna stop me!!! Im so tired of doing laundry. Before Peyton, Brian, and I moved in together i was washing my clothes and the very tiny clothes of Peyton. Well now im washing my clothes (which get spit up on so i have to change alot) Brians civilian clothes plus his uniforms, and Peytons extensive wardrobe plus all her bibs and rags, and the giant mountain of bath towels that always seem to accumulate in between laundry days!!! i used to not mind laundry but now its up at the top of my most hated list right next to dishes!!!

yay time for my, oh i mean Peytons nap! gotta go! lol